Wiring Codes

So I’ve been asked quite often on forums with regards to what colour wires match up to what when it comes to different brands. So here’s a quick and handy reference guide.

Pickup Wiring Colour Code Xref Chart
DiMarzio Red Black Green White
DiMarzio (older pickups) Red Black None White
Caparison White Red Black Green
Seymour Duncan Black White Green> Red
Gibson Black Green Red White
Fender Green> White Red Black
Bill Lawrence Black Green Red White
Tom Anderson Red Green Black White
PRS Neck White Black Red Red
PRS Bridge Black White Red Red
Schaller Brown Yellow White Green
Suhr Black White Green Red
GFS Black White Green Red
WCR (4 Wire) Black White Green Red
WCR (2 Wire) Red Black
Peavey (Wolfgang/HP Special) Red Green Black White
Bareknuckle Red Green Black White
Lundgren Blue Red Green Yellow
Lollar Black White Green Red
Lindy Fralin White Green Black Red
Bartolini Green White Black Red
Jackson (Import models) Green White Black Red
Ibanez (Import models) Red Black Yellow Blue
Carvin Red White Black Green